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Facebook Ads


Based on data from 2014, there are more than 65 million active users of social media in Indonesia. Use this opportunity to advertise. With our presence, we are ready to help you to expand and improve your business goals with advertising on social media. It's a way to build your brand awareness to increase leads and boost revenues.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is a feature that offered by Facebook to promote a product or brand. Based on the results of research on social media advertising, Facebook is one of the few social media has a conversion value that has the potential to improve your business goals.

Benefit & Service :

  • Increase brand / sales by targeting a more appropriate and precise.
  • Increase quality traffic / visitor to the website.
  • More efficient use of budget with CPC and CPM.
  • Update weekly reports and end the campaign with a delivery method that is easy to understand.
  • Updates and advice on campaign ads that will always be updated based Performance running ads.
  • Presenting smart ads and appropriate target market for increasing branding and sales.
  • Build and improve your business in social media.