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Rukan Puri Mutiara Blok BD
No. 17 Jl. Griya Utama Sunter,
Jakarta Utara 14350
: 021 - 29560 - 777

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How it Works

  • Collecting Information : We gather all the information related to your marketing goals, to learn how the market will respond to your products. Identify all competitors to know what they are doing and act on the information that we have acquired.

  • Research & Analysis : An important point to know your customers, our role here to conduct market research for determine the right keywords to attract visitors to come and buy your product.

  • Creative Concept : All business is unique, every market is different, every company there is one and the only one. This is the reason that makes us to create a formula of all available data to produce a creative and innovative idea, then we apply to all of the content of your campaign.

  • Execution : Strategy was made to decide what to do, the execution is all about making it happen. We show to the customers about the products that will be offered, and provide information about your business.

  • Maintenance & Update : We have a special team dedicated to monitoring your campaign, in order to avoid irregularities and errors.

  • Reporting : We help you to achieve the target, the report will be provided transparently and periodically to review the performance of the campaign.

  • Optimization : We will not leave you just like that, we will help you with the optimization strategy that will benefit both advertisers and publishers to improve the quality and ROI (return of investment).